Focus on your Big Data Problem,
not your Big Data Platform

RADMF® is Big Data with batteries included so you can focus more on your mission and less on your infrastructure.

The Rapid Analytic Deployment Management Framework (RADMF®) is a system for provisioning Big Data Platforms in AWS as well as managing your large-scale ingest of Packet Capture (PCAP), log, network flow, and other event data. RADMF® deploys a BDP that is 100% compatible with DISA’s Big Data Platform (BDP) and is able to facilitate the deployment of everything from development environments for building and testing analytics, to Petabyte-scale production environments.

  • Deploy the DISA BDP -- built for bare metal servers-- in the cloud for additional resiliency, scalability, and performance without sacrificing security
  • Deploy clusters of any size from single node BDPs up to hundreds of nodes
  • Customize the system layout to your liking and budget
Cost Effective
  • RADMF® in AWS eliminates the physical sustainment costs of your datacenter such as power, space, cooling, hardware maintenance, etc.
  • Lower costs even further through one-year or multi-year commitments
  • Save on integrating your own Big Data tools by leveraging the work of the battle-tested DISA BDP
Easy To Use
  • RADMF®’s Continuous Integration pipeline means the latest BDP release is always available for developers and operators to use and deploy
  • Leverage simple BDP API semantics without worrying about the underlying system
  • Easily deploy an environment that matches your target BDP version to ensure your time is spent building capability and not debugging infrastructure

What is the BDP? The BDP is a government-owned, cloud-based analytics platform originally developed by Enlighten for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). It can be deployed by a government agency or contractor in any environment. RADMFⓇ provides a set of services to enrich the BDP and makes it faster and easier to deploy and manage your cluster.

Note: The DISA-built BDP is a government-owned technology. Enlighten does not maintain rights to the BDP.


RADMFⓇ allows customers to address cyber needs rapidly to keep pace with adversaries who constantly change attack vectors and methods. Enlighten’s RADMFⓇ provides a comprehensive and accredited industry solution for many long-standing problems in cyber and big data.

Enlighten is an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner bringing you infrastructure, platform, analytics, and software as services.

  • Accessibility: Data is normalized according to common standards to ensure simple accessibility within the system and between partners (using distributed query capabilities). This mesh of systems provides an unprecedented view of your data in context with the rest of your partner network.
  • Cost: Eliminates need for stove-piped and point solutions with large license fees. Along with the BDP and commercial cloud deployment, reduces Total Cost of Ownership compared to on-premise solutions.
  • Flexibility: Ingests petabytes of data in any format; performs data normalization/transformation to assist analysts.
  • Portability: Deploys to enterprise, tactical and regional environments.
  • Security: DoD approved and cloud-compliant environment data protections ensures fine-grained protection of information (down to a single cell) across all classification tiers, which is critical for sharing of data across multiple authorities and title authorizations.
  • Speed: Leverage capabilities like Data Nitrous and the Cloud Provisioner to rapidly deploy and ingest data and reduce your time to insight.


  • RADMF® Cloud Provisioner: Deploy your BDP development or production environment with a single button click. Proven at scales from a single node all the way up to several hundred nodes producing clusters of over 15 Petabytes.
  • RADMF® Data Nitrous: Leverage the elasticity and scalability of the cloud to accelerate the ingest, normalization, and indexing of both structured and unstructured data for the BDP, saving your system resources for user query, alerting, and analytics.
  • PCAP Processing Engine: Allows you to prepare and sessionize PCAP into easily digestible binary and metadata files at scale. The PCAP processing engine easily handles hundreds of TB of PCAP while providing high quality metadata output that can be leveraged for threat hunting activities at scale.


The pricing for this service is comprised of multiple variables:

Contact us to discuss customizing a RADMFⓇ service level agreement that meets your operational needs.

Pricing is based on the version, size, and location of your deployment. A commercial price list for each version of RADMFⓇ is available upon request.

Refund Policy

RADMF® does not currently support refunds; however, you may cancel at any time.



For paid support, email for further information.Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Free support is provided via email by the team. Free support does not provide a guaranteed response time; however, we do our best to respond to questions within 24 hours Monday through Friday.



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