Just-in-Time Analytics Deploy an Operationally-ready Big Data Environment and Key Analytic Capabilities Using RADMFⓇ

The Rapid Analytic Deployment Management Framework (RADMFⓇ) is a big data governance, automation, and data processing managed service developed and supported by Enlighten IT Consulting, a MacAulay-Brown, Inc. company.

RADMFⓇ brings you a bundled suite of enrichment services or plugins and eliminates the need to procure different tools from multiple locations to build out your solution. Everything you need to be successful with big data is at your fingertips including maintenance and budgeting support.

RADMFⓇ’s proprietary framework helps you deploy complex Big Data Platform (BDP*) components alongside a suite of powerful analytic capabilities. The framework can be deployed in a variety of virtual environments, including AWS GovCloud, Open Stack, and Azure. RADMFⓇ significantly reduces the time, cost, and number of engineers required to install, optimize, and maintain the BDP.

*What is the BDP? The BDP is a government-owned, cloud-based analytics platform originally developed by Enlighten for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). It can be deployed by a government agency or contractor in any environment. RADMFⓇ provides a set of services to enrich the BDP and makes it faster and easier to deploy and manage your cluster.

Note: The DISA-built BDP is a government-owned technology. Enlighten does not maintain rights to the BDP.

Rapid Deployment
Cost Effective
Ease of Use
Just-in-Time Analytics on a Community Platform


RADMFⓇ allows customers to address cyber needs rapidly to keep pace with adversaries who constantly change attack vectors and methods. Enlighten’s RADMFⓇ provides a comprehensive and accredited industry solution for many long-standing problems in cyber and big data.

Enlighten is an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner bringing you infrastructure, platform, analytics, and software as services.

  • Rapidly deploys an analytic development environment in AWS GovCloud
  • Easy and cost-effective set-up and start-up
  • Lowers costs through “Pay-As-You-Go” or “Buy Reserve Instance” options
  • Deploys within minutes in a pre-configured or customized cloud environment
  • Compatible with DISA Analytics and Governance Environment (develop and collaborate within the DoD community)
Just-in-Time Analytics on a Community Platform


Select from three different versions of RADMFⓇ to fulfill your mission requirements.
RADMFⓇ: This is the RADMFⓇ base option which includes comprehensive support to meet cyber requirements.

RADMFⓇ Plus: RADMFⓇ base option plus Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and data science enhancements, including the following:

  • RAPID: Use this collaborative web-based environment to develop, test, scale, and deploy analytics quickly.
  • Cyber Learning Engine (CLE): Quickly identify previously unknown cyber threats using an engine informed by Deep Learning (DL) models. The CLE studies the nature of threats from ingested data sources and uses this knowledge to predict the probability of new indicators being malicious.

RADMFⓇ Premium: Includes all of the above AND

  • Data Nitrous: Accelerate the ingest and indexing of both structured and unstructured data for the BDP.
  • PX3: Extract usable information from raw data and convert it into a format for use on a variety of platforms, including the BDP.
  • Steelbox: Investigate raw data content in this stand-alone, secure environment without fear of hidden malicious code compromising ongoing operations.
Just-in-Time Analytics on a Community Platform


The pricing for this service is comprised of multiple variables:

Contact us to discuss customizing a RADMFⓇ service level agreement that meets your operational needs.

Pricing is based on the version, size, and location of your deployment. A commercial price list for each version of RADMFⓇ is available upon request.

Refund Policy

RADMF® does not currently support refunds; however, you may cancel at any time.

Just-in-Time Analytics on a Community Platform



For paid support, email support@radmf.com for further information.Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Free support is provided via email by the support@radmf.com team. Free support does not provide a guaranteed response time; however, we do our best to respond to questions within 24 hours Monday through Friday.


Just-in-Time Analytics on a Community Platform


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Just-in-Time Analytics on a Community Platform